Thursday, May 29, 2003

”What else could be more worth the wait?”
Athanasius links to a great article by the Pew Lady on the nature of that which people consider to be worth waiting for.....

Two presumably sane adults drove from their Upstate New York home for endless hours until they reached Boston. Upon their final arrival — please keep in mind the pit stops necessitated by four little kids — they had to make accommodations for the storing of their vehicle, which, in Boston, usually means taking out a second mortgage....
With a rare burst of tact, I abstained from asking the most logical question in the world (that would be, of course: “Are you out of your mind??? “) and instead mumbled something about “persistence.” To which the lady enthusiastically replied:

“Oh, we’ve done it for four years now! When they start playing the `1812 Overture’ and the fireworks start — why, what else could be more worth the wait?”

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