Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Typical North Shore
A second student suspended after participating in a videotaped hazing incident filed a lawsuit Tuesday to prevent the punishment from being enforced.

The parental lawsuits in the wake of the powderpuff hazing incident in Northbrook are not surprising. The concept of suing the school to keep one’s child from being punished is a time-honored North Shore tradition. (Just another way parents here enable bad behavior and then make sure no ramifications get in the way of the young darlings’ success.)

This has become a touchy topic in my home. My husband (is it left over frat house mentality? side-effects of blood pressure meds?) thinks the seriousness is overplayed. And he thinks (I’m ashamed to admit this in a public forum) because it took place off of school property the school has no interest in the affair. I say it was a de facto school activity. And if it can’t be considered school-related, let’s just say that in an area where the kids (and parents) are obsessed with loading resumes with ‘extracurricular activities,’ this counts. This counts big time.

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