Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Let’s Put a Price Tag on a Year of Memories!
How about $40? The current price of a Lake Forest High School yearbook. I grudgingly
wrote a check for Martha to get a yearbook today. Part of the total ‘high school experience.’ It isn’t as full of double-entendres and outright smutty stuff as some of her sisters’ books. And my late father, a printer, would agree that there was enough color and other fancy stuff to justify the price.

So why is pater in a snit? Is it because there is only about $45 in the checking account and 48 hours ‘til payday? Or is it because we spent $40 and then find out that Martha’s picture isn’t in the class photo? Ooops. We forgot she started school a little late and never did get her official head shot. She is in some candids and group photos. Like the track team and the Young Republican club. What the heck - who could try to put a price on precious memories!?!

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