Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Jayson Blair Talks: ‘So Jayson Blair Could Live, The Journalist Had to Die’

Sounds a little like Martha (minus the cokehead stuff...) She can’t stand writing anything but fiction and poetry. Any type of expository, ‘write something real about yourself’ assignment in freshman English has been traumatic. Lots of emoting about how, “I can only write fiction.” Well, she has survived the year. Not without a few pieces of written work that have been referred to school counselor because of the overwrought depiction of edgy subject matter. (No allegations of her work being heavily influenced by Buffy, Blake or any assortment of bizzarro stuff. It was soo obvious to me.) And then the confessions of, “I told you I can only write fiction.”

Hey, she didn’t sign up to write for the school paper.
I wouldn’t mind finding one of her short stories in The New Yorker someday.

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