Monday, May 12, 2003

In the course........
of my overwrought description of the rose sale, I forgot to mention how grateful I am for all the work done by the committee members and also my spousal unit and three conscripted children. The kids are getting awfully good at the rose sale drill. The best Mothers' Day gift I ever get is their good natured cooperation in the 'effort.' (That goes for you, too, Embot. I haven't forgotten the bushels of roses you've sold in your time. OK, Fran and Bridget, too.) As for the child who asked about the effect sitting through three Masses would have on next week's Mass attendance......nice try. I'm sure my logical powers worked the same way when I was nine. [From the same mind that helped change missalettes and thought that sitting in each pew could be worth a year's attendance.]

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